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About Miling

Miling is the first true wheatbelt town that the traveller encounters on the Great Northern Highway as they venture north of Perth.

It is a small but friendly community whose focus is predominately the wheat and sheep farming in the surrounding area. At the 2006 census, Miling had a population of 205.

Miling is a small town in the Shire of Moora, 200 kilometres (124 miles) north of Perth, Western Australia.

Miling is also the terminus of one of W.A.’s most scenic railway lines which winds back to Perth through some of the state’s most productive farming land, including the Avon Valley.

The most obvious landmark within the town is the grain receival complex (C.B.H.).

This facility handles in excess of one hundred thousand tonnes of wheat, barley and lupins per year; this makes Miling one of the larger inland receival points in the state and easily the largest in the Moora shire.


Miling Hotel PicHarvest time between October and January is when the wheat bins and all the surrounding farms become a hive of activity as the grain is harvested and then transported from the paddock to the bin.